Courageous Parenting 2018


21 Pasita Street, Rosenpark, Cape Town

Friday, 26 October 2018
06:30 for 07:00pm to 21:30pm

If parenting were an adventure sport, it would be the most courageous sport in the world. It’s not something you do so much as who you are. At this event. Mandi Hart will encourage you that despite the unknown, unpredictable twists and turns of parenting, you can navigate these turbulent waters and courageously release the next generation into their purposes.

Topics Include

  1. Ages and stages – how best to navigate your way through the years.
  2. Discipleship through discipline – how simple conversations with your children can be opportunities for discipleship.
  3. Praying with your children – and for them.
  4. Tools to parent courageously – what every parent needs to know.
About Mandi Hart...

About Mandi Hart...

Mandi Hart is the author of Parenting with Courage and the Parenting Journal. She is a wife and mother to two vibrant teenagers. Together with her husband, she has led a global missions organization and spiritual family. Mandi has ministered to families for almost 20 years including running a moms group for almost 75 moms, facilitating various parenting courses and speaking into parenting in a number of countries.