13 Reasons Why Not

14 Year Old Daughter Who Hates Me

16 and Still Daddy`s Girl

Using Stories to Develop Character

Constructive praise

A Big Stink

A Bright Future Despite ADHD

A Day at the Spa

Connect With Your Teen: Share a Summer Adventure

A Second Chance at Family

A Sound Start – You Can Help Your Struggling Reader

A Voice For Your Children

A Winning Perspective

About Time

Alcohol and Other Drug Use

An Immodest Proposal

Anna`s Mother


Are You Rewarding or Bribing Your Child?

As Children Leave the Nest

As Summer Fades – Making Fun Memories Before School Starts

Attaching and Connecting to Your Child

Autopilot Parenting

Back to the Basics

The Legacy You Want to Give

Be Thankful? For What?

Be the Dad

Becoming Your Daughter’s Ally

Becoming a Successful Blended Family

Before It’s Too Late

Being A Father

Being Community Minded

IN the world, but not OF the world

Bonding in the Backcountry

Boomerang Kids

Boost Curiosity and Thinking Skills

Boundaries: The Key to Freedom

The Daddy-Daughter Daze

Childhood Fears

The Wounded Spirit

Build Relationship With Your Child

Building Your Stepfamily

Building Your Discipline Toolkit From A Biblical Perspective

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Calling All Kids

Can a Parent Expect Respect?

Can Prayer Really Impact My Child’s Life?

Capturing God`s Fingerprints

Celebrate Advent

Choosing the Best for Your Baby

Christmas Activities

Raising a Gentleman

Combatting Cultural Influences

Parenting Adult Children

Conflict With Your Teen

Controlling the Tongue

Lessons From Abraham About Conversing with Our Kids

Crazy Summer Days

Created to Parent

Cultivating Family Togetherness

Curbing the Blame Game and Getting Rid of Excuses

Cutting Pain

Dad, Remember The Days

Daughters Remember Their Dads

Decision Training

Defusing Preteen Battles


Family Talk and Identity

Detecting Learning Difficulties

Developing Shared Spiritual Intimacy

Discipline From Four to Twelve

Ditch the Diaper Bag

Divorce and its effects

Domestic violence

Don’t Pull the Plug

Dressing for the Day

Drive-Thru Health Care

Easter Traditions That Matter

Eating Disorders

Emphasizing Healthy Individuals

Facing the Fear Factor

Empty Arms

Empty Womb, Aching Heart

Empty-Nest Parenting

Entering Neither World

Escape From the Clutches of Clutter

Everything Old Is New Again

Facing Fears

Faith and Children

Faith at Home

Family Legacies

Fearless parenting in a modern world: What do parents fear the most?

Finding a Competent Mental Health Professional

Collateral Damage? Talking to Your Children

First-Time Dads: Learning From Your Father’s Mistakes

Effective Child Discipline

Motivating Kids to Clean Up

For the Children’s Sake

Four Conversations Parents Should Have With Their Kids About Digital Devices

From Parent to Consultant

Full-Time Mom

Fun And Games

Gimme, Gimme!

Equipping Your Teen with Character

Good Samaritans for Single Parents

Got Stress?


Grandparenting Across the Miles

Growing Up And Letting Go

Handling Holiday Conflict

Serving as a Family

Help Kids Be Entrepreneurs

Helping Children of Divorce

Helping Children of Divorce

Helping Your Teen Learn Selfless Living

Helping Kids Face Their Fears

Acknowledging Feelings

Holiday Mischief

Conflict With Your Teen

How Low Can They Go?

How to Bless Your Child Part 1

How to Bless Your Child Part 2

How To Disciple Your Children

How to Handle Working Mom Guilt

How to talk to your Kids about race

Impressionable Minds

Independence Day

Influence of Worldly Values

Intergenerational Influence

Is Spanking Biblical?

It Would Never Happen To Us

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Jordan`s Paper Heart

Journey of

Just Love Me

Keeping up Appearances

Keeping Hope Alive

Kids are Resilient, right?

Laying a Spiritual Foundation

Laying Spiritual Foundation

Home-Alone Tweens

Leap of Faith

Learning New Dance Steps

Leave Tracks

Meaningful Christmas Ideas

Lessons Amid the Chaos

Let Your Kids Fail

Laughter: The Fun of Fatherhood

How to Help Your Child Grieve

Making a Difference as Best We Can

Managing Shared Responsibility

Men of Steel

Men Raising Daughters

Celebrating the Easter Season

Resurrection: The Most Important Truth

Midlife Remarriage

Missions to Manhood

Mopping Up Mother’s Day

Mother of the Groom

Mothers Need Each Other

Movie Nights with Merit

My Father`s Love

Empty Nest Syndrome

Nighttime Problems

No Excuses

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder / Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

On the Run

Once-a-Year Dreaming

One Way to Handle Screaming

Oodles of Noodles and Love

Half a Christmas Tree

The 21 Rules of This House

Overexposure to Traumatic Images

Parents in a Digital World

Peer Relationships and Identity

Picking Up the Pieces

Planning for Tomorrow

A Quick Pokémon Go Guide for Parents

Positively In-Laws

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Potty Training

Practicing Self-Care

Pray With Your Children

Prepare to Launch

Protecting Teens from Pornography

Providing Loving Discipline

Punishment Versus Discipline

Questions from the Fatherless

Sticking With Your Teen: Having to Say You’re Sorry

Rebellious Teen

Relentless Parenting

Resolving Disputes Over Family Entertainment

Responding to a suicide crisis

Responding to Behavioral Issues

Responding to Technology Issues

Responding to These Risk Factors

Practical Tips for Parents-To-Be

Romantic Comedy: No Laughing Matter

Scraps of Wood

Facing Your New Financial Reality


Sex Education: At Home or in School?


Sibling Rivalry

Significant Losses

Signs and Symptoms

Signs that someone maybe considering suicide

Simple Strategies for Effective Discipline

Six Keys to Shaping a Child’s Will

Six Keys to Shaping a Child’s Will

Smart Stepparenting

Social Media

‘Sorry’ Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Spiritual Leadership in a Single-Parent Family

Stage Fright

Stages and Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

Standing Firm

Standing in the Gap

Step Away From the Drama

Step Into Grandparenting

Stepparent Relationship Problems

Stretching Their Limits

Suicide Statistics

Supporting Your Child

Switching Roles: When My Parents Lost Their Manners

Taking It Slow

Taking the Stress Out of Family Get-Togethers

Talking to Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

Talking Openly About Suicide

Teach Thankfulness

Teaching Kids Personal Responsibility

Teaching Toddlers to Share

The Power of Mother Love

The Daddy-Daughter Daze

The Day My Dad Left

Jumpstarting Your Stalled Marriage

The Wonders of Reality Discipline

The Excellence Edge

The Four Phases of Parenthood

Five Ways to be Involved This School Year

The Great Divide

The Impact of Everyday Interactions

The Lost Gospel of Ronald

The Most Important Job in the World

The Most Important Thing


The Other Side

The Parent Trap

The Perfect Child

The Power Of The Media

Is Tattooed Barbie a Sign of the Times?

The Real Job of Moms

The Sex Talk

Helping Too-Busy Teens Beat Burnout

The Stocking Tradition

Surviving Your Kids Extra-Curricular Activities

The Husband Whisperer

The Sunday Morning Dilemma

The Truth About Eating Disorders

Then There Were Three

To Each His Own

To Spank or Not to Spank?

Trendsetting Preteens


Turn Down the Volume

TV Watching Linked to Child Obesity

Two Parents, Two Gifts

Types Of Learning Difficulties

Love for the Long Haul

Uncovering the Pain Behind Your Child’s Anger

Understanding Early Adolescents

Unfair Comparisons

Unknown Inspiration

Bucking the Entitlement Trend

Valuing The Elderly

Weaning Kids from the E-pacifier

What Really Matters

What about Medication?

Loving the Stepmomster

What’s With the Rules?

What’s Normal and What’s Not

When a Pregnancy Test Shows Down Syndrome

When Adult Children Move Back Home

When Adult Children Move Back Home

When Friends Matter Most

Parenting a Special Needs Child

When Mom And Dad Split

When Not to Discipline

When Your Child Becomes a Parent

Where Is This Coming From?

Establishing Boundaries With Adult Kids

WHOOSH! – When heaven opens over simple happenings

Who`s Your Child`s Best Teacher

`Why All the Rules about Sex?`

Why Boundaries Work

Making Chores Fun

Why Kids Misbehave

Why So Quiet?

Why do Kids misbehave?

Wise Parents In A Wild World

It’s Time to Bench Supermom