During or After an Attempt

If a loved one has done something to hurt themselves, or has expressed a desire to hurt themselves, that can be very scary. If you find your loved one unconscious, bleeding or in need of immediate medical attention.

Stay Calm
Try to keep your loved one calm until help arrives.

Call Netcare 911/ ER24
Notify the person answering that you are calling about a mental health emergency. Tell the person who answers that you would like an officer, EMT or paramedic specially trained in emergency mental health to respond to the emergency situation if available. NOTE: It is best not to try to transport an injured person yourself as he or she may try to exit your vehicle while en route to a hospital or emergency medical facility.

Don’t ask Questions
Do not ask why your loved one has injured himself/herself at this time. You can talk about that later but getting your loved one medical attention is your first priority right now.

Before an Attempt

These helplines offer immediate access to confidential, free and anonymous support and advice, so print out and keep the phone numbers or save them on your phone for easy access.

Remember, no-one needs to suffer in silence – help is at hand!

SADAG Mental Health Line
011 234 4837

SADAG Suicide Crisis Line
0800 567 567 – SMS 31393

Destiny Helpline for Youth & Students
0800 41 42 43

The Department of Social Development’s 24-hour Substance Abuse Helpline
0800 12 13 14
SMS 32312

Depression and Anxiety Helpline
0800 70 80 90

Pharmadynamics Police & Trauma Line
0800 20 50 26

Akeso Psychiatric Hospitals 24-hour emergency response unit
0861 435 787

Get Support

Once you have made arrangements for medical care for your loved one or spoken with a trained mental health provider and developed a plan for assistance, contact trusted friends, family members and/or pastors so you can receive support and encouragement. Don’t try to cope with this alone.

LIFE LINE: 0861 322 322
RAPE CRISIS: 0800 150 150
CHILDLINE: 0800 055 555
AIDS HELPLINE: 0800 012 322
SUICIDE CRISIS LINE: 0800 567 567 or
SMS to 31393

Or for more help and emergency numbers visit: Grace Counselling www.gracecounselling.org.za or
SADAG www.sadag.org