Author of the highly successful Sixty Minute series Rob Parsons turns his attention to that very difficult period of adolescence – the teenage years. Invaluable parenting techniques can be learned in only an hour with this revolutionary new guide from the bestselling author ofThe Sixty Minute Father Combining practical wisdom and accessible advice with a wide range of case studies, this book addresses 10 key problem areas for parents and spouses and how it’s possible to overcome them. From the most effective parenting styles to how to permanently transform parent/child relationships for the better, this important book covers all the most serious issues parents struggle with an a day-to-day basis. Issues addressed include: how to make time for family, taking the time to talk, how to handle conflict, how to discover the magic of traditions, how to save your marriage from “a creeping separateness,” how to appreciate the extended family, and how to get your family through the tough times.