Oodles of Noodles and Love

Oodles of Noodles and Love

by Elsa Kok

Oh, so many delightful ways to prepare noodles! With butter, sauce or cheese. Hot, cold or lukewarm. Ramen, spaghetti, ziti or cute animal shapes frolicking in the latest sauce. Noodles are good with a little meat on top or drowning in a fancy broth. Noodles, I’m certain, are among the finer foods God blessed us with.

I’ve learned every unique way to incorporate noodles into a recipe. Why? Noodles are cheap.

In my leaner days as a single mom, I spent too much time bemoaning my financial state. I didn’t like counting every penny and always coming up short. I didn’t care for the décor of the aluminum foil antenna atop my TV or the fact that our one channel only worked if I stood on one leg and held a corner of the foil. Denying my daughter’s wish lists was frustrating, and I didn’t care for the way my toe (unpedicured and unlovely) always wiggled out of my tattered socks.

But as I got to know God, as I spent time with Him, He helped me see things differently. I began to notice how He supplied my family’s needs in sweet and tangible ways. We were always taken care of, and I found myself becoming more and more grateful for the little things — including noodles.

Cooking noodles even became a game for my daughter, Sami, and me. We’d figure out a new way to prepare them every week. Our only major mishap was when we tried noodles with tuna. That night, we broke our budget and ordered pizza. But chicken worked, as did Parmesan and garlic or gobs of marinara sauce. Our dinner preparations were filled with laughter and playfulness as we tried new things. Amazing. God chose to use noodles to draw my girl and me together.

So it may seem odd, but noodles in our world were like manna from heaven in biblical times. They sustained us through the hard times and, with a little creativity, they were new every day.

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