Dad, Remember The Days

by John Fuller

On April 25 and 26 I’ll have the privilege of being a guest on the Focus on the Family radio program, talking about my new book, First Time Dad: The Stuff You Really Need To Know. In the book I’ve tried to offer new fathers an optimistic, and realistic, look at expectations about parenting.

As I’ve reflected on my fatherhood journey, there are many wonderful memories. I was asked to pull together some photographs capturing a few of my favorite moments. Here are just a few…I’ve got so many times with our kids etched upon my mind. And if you stop by, lots of them are posted on my office wall, too!

A proud first time dad! Here’s John with Dakota, in 1990. Time has sped by quickly – he graduates from college next month!

In 1991 John and Dena welcomed Seth into the family. What a fine young man!

Wonderful memories of fishing at Rainbow Falls with the boys in celebration of Seth’s 4th birthday. These moments don’t just happen – it takes some work and planning to make special times happen.

Our kids have always enjoyed the water. And we’ve had lots of trips to various campgrounds. Here are the three oldest “cooling their heels” in Jenny Lake, Teton National Park in 1995. One of my favorite pictures!

This article was taken from the personal webblog of John Fuller "Off the Air" – Dated April 4, 2011.
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