Alive to thrive: Part 6

Our hope is that you will never need to use the material in this section with your own children. Unfortunately, suicide has worked itself into our culture to the point where it’s become commonplace. As parents, we must talk about it with our kids. We need to take a proactive approach, for ourselves and our kids. The internet and many public school districts have plenty of information of what to do once someone has died by suicide. Let’s talk about what you can do before things get to that terrible point.

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In This Section:


Suicide Statistics
The Data Behind the Trend of Teen Suicide


Signs that someone may be considering suicide
Recognizing the Warning Signs of Suicide


Talking openly about suicide
A Closer Look at How to Talk About Suicide


Responding to a suicide crisis
Establish a Family Crisis Intervention Plan


Keeping hope alive
Hope is the Most Effective Suicide Prevention

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