Empty Womb, Aching Heart

woman-child-doctor-hospitalVanessa, age 47 

“ Surprise! You’re infertile!” my gynecologist said to me one day when I was in for my yearly exam. Well, she didn’t actually say that, but she might as well have.

I was lying in that most uncomfortable position, while the doctor poked around with her cold instruments. I stared at the ceiling and gripped the thin tissue sheet that was supposed to cover me.

“So do you see anything odd down there?” I asked.

The doctor glanced up. “Everything looks fine,” she said, then looked at me more closely. “Why? Have you been experiencing anything that I should know about?”

“No, not really,” I answered. “It’s just that Steve and I have been trying to get pregnant.”

She gave a thoughtful “hmmm”

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Being A Father

by Kurt Bruner

pexels-photo-105952Walking in my Father’s Footsteps

Early in the morning of July 25, 1990, I became something God has always been—a father. It happened again two, seven and 10 years later when my other children came along. Now I spend my days experiencing the good and the bad of what it means to be somebody’s daddy, to be the highest earthly representation of a heavenly person for my children.
I can relate to how God must feel as our heavenly Father. I represent God’s stability, provision and strength. In my mind I glimpse moments that show something of how He must feel, snapshots tucked away in the heart’s photo album.
Click—I recall the flutter of life and the sense of awe that another human being, my child, would soon journey into a new world.
Click—I recall staring

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Planning for Tomorrow

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-11-15-50-amby Nancy I. Sanders

I recently saw my friend Margaret at the store. “How are you?” I asked.

“Exhausted,” she replied. “I’m moving my mother. It’s taken days to get her affairs in order.” Margaret sighed deeply. “I’ve had to do everything.”

How often have we heard this story? Friends, co-workers or perhaps ourselves are overwhelmed with caring for elderly parents.

We might not be able to do much to change current situations, but we can start planning today to manage our own lives when we’re older. Thinking through potential problems and preparing mentally while we’re younger provides a less threatening environment for making important decisions later. By looking ahead, we can effectively plan to use our time, talents and finances well.

Plan your finances

Consider the many strategies available for financial security; don’t rely on someone else to know it all. Register

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Love as a Lifestyle

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-11-17-43-amby Michael Ridgeway

Francis Chan is the best-selling author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God and the founding pastor of a much-celebrated megachurch. Yet he and his wife, Lisa, have chosen to live on an income far below what his success could easily provide. He has given the profits from his books to charity and has stopped accepting a salary from the church, supporting his family on whatever income God provides through his speaking engagements.

The Chans and their four children live in a tract house in a modest neighbourhood. Despite their tight living quarters, Francis and Lisa have opened their doors to others in need. As many as seven houseguests find shelter under their roof at any given time.

Their countercultural lifestyle isn’t some progressive social experiment in low-cost, communal living. Rather, it’s a reaction to love. God’s Read more